Key Stage 1 Tuition


Key Stage 1 Tuition English – Key Stage 2 Tuition Maths

Key Stage 1 Tuition £20 for 2 hour lesson (1 hour English & 1 hour Maths).

Key Stage 1 Tuition aims at laying the foundations in literacy and numeracy. Our Key Stage 1 Tuition centre closely follows National Curriculum guidelines and covers the following areas


  • The recognition of the 44 sounds in the English language and the development of grapheme and phoneme awareness. This will be taught using both synthetic and traditional phonics, differentiating according to an individual student’s needs.
  • Pupils will be taught to segment words, recognise common spelling patterns and recognise parts of a word with an introduction to prefixes, suffixes and plurals. Pupils will also develop an understanding of word order.
  • Pupils will look at a variety of literature, both fiction and non fiction and from specific texts will develop an understanding of plot, characters and settings.


  • Pupils will be encouraged to develop their vocabulary and be adventurous in the choice of vocabulary used.
  • Pupils will be taught how to use basic punctuation, using capital letters and full stops and begin to use commas.
  • Pupils will be taught to write each letter of the alphabet.
  • Pupils will use a variety of spelling strategies to ensure spelling if Key Stage One high frequency words, acting as a springboard to secure spelling of more complex words.

Speaking and Listening

  • Pupils will be encouraged to speak clearly with the correct intonation.
  • Pupils will be taught to organise what they say, focusing on the main points.
  • Pupils will develop their listening skills, remembering points of interest.
  • Pupils will develop their level of concentration.
  • To work well within a group, learning to listen and appreciate others.

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