11 Plus Grammar Tuition

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Enrolling Now for Year 4 & Year 5

11 Plus Grammar £20 (Verbal, Non Verbal, English & Maths)
Every Wednesday 5pm to 6.30pm

11 Plus Grammar Tuition: Verbal, Non-Verbal, English and Maths.

Enrolling Now for Year 4 & Year 5

Fact: A massive 82% of grammar school children had some form of tutoring to get them in! Tutoring will give your child the advantage and improve their chances.

Fact: About 70% of children sitting the 11 Plus for a selective grammar school are unsuccessful, these are unfortunately likely to be the children that didn’t have some form of sustained coaching or tutoring to help them prepare for the test.

Do you want your child to be one of the successful 30%? Then let our experienced 11Plus tutors help!

Our tailor made approach to each child ensures that the child, and parent, cope with the stress of the 11 Plus. Through our assessments, structured lessons and courses we build confidence and help children feel positive about their 11 Plus grammar exam experience.

We have a range of revision aids that covers the key areas students struggle in, and work with the resources provided by the company who sets the 11+ exams so that the student is comfortable with the terminology and structure on the 11+ grammar exam day itself.

We can also help parents with the maze of the application procedure. However, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the grammar school 11+ application forms are submitted by the entry deadlines and the test entry confirmation is received from the grammar schools.

Tutoring for the 11plus really works

Its official! Tutoring for the 11 plus can help your child secure a place. Studies by Professor Brendan Bunting, an educational psychologist from the University of Ulster, have shown a relationship between intensive coaching and success in 11 plus verbal reasoning tests: two separate studies showed that children who were coached had improved scores by 30 – 40%. So, a child that might achieve 63% in the test without tutoring, might be able to score 88% with tutoring. A 20 point, 25% increase could make all the difference between failing and clearly passing.

Another study showed that 443 out of 544 parents from 26 grammar schools had either paid professional tutors to coach their children or had provided extra help themselves – this amounts to a whopping 82% of respondents. Because the 11+ is not part of the National Curriculum, many children, especially those at state primary schools, find they have not covered all the topics on the 11+ . Our qualified tutors are familiar with the requirements of the tests and can help your child develop the skills and knowledge they need to pass the 11+ and/or entrance tests.

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