About Us

About Us
Our centres also host onsite examinations for both GCSE and A level students for the Edexcel, AQA and OCR exam boards as well as AQA accredited A level science assessments. Additionally we provide GCSE level fast track evening courses for post 16 and adult learners with an additional A level fast track course for Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

EMSTEC is a well established company with several learning and examination centres located throughout the West Midlands. We currently have examination and learning centres in Sparkhill, Handsworth, Oldbury and Stechford with more centres due to open shortly.

Given the importance of strict entry requirements for college and university and the increased competition for places at higher education it has never been more important to ensure that students have an advantage that sets them apart from others..

Furthermore it is well known that class sizes and the passion and experience of the tutor to give one to one help when needed is of up most importance. Our class sizes are small, allowing our accredited tutors to give the attention to students that they need for examination success.

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About Us

The English Maths Science Tuition and Examination Centre was founded to provided inexpensive, high quality tuition.

We take a structural approach to education which is based on over 15 years of educational experience. We teach students a method, which when followed gains the maximum marks. Lessons are informal and the emphasis is on both quality and quantity. It is not unusual for students to have completed 80 different questions in one hour! Students who didn’t think they could learn maths astound both their parents and themselves by learning complicated algebra.

There is no need for your children to struggle at school! Enrol your children at English Maths Science Tuition and Examination Centre and you’ll see the difference!

English Maths Science Tuition & Examination Centre emphasises the Traditional approach outlined in the policy documents of the Campaign for Real Education.

  • Education should be reasonably authoritarian and hierarchical
  • The curriculum should be subject-centred
  • Emphasis should be on content
  • (Book) knowledge and accuracy are essential
  • Rationality and the consideration of factual evidence should predominate
  • Recognition of right and wrong
  • There should be a product
  • The product, or knowledge of content, should be objectively tested or measured
  • Competition is welcomed
  • Choice between different curricula and/or different types of school is essential to maximise individual strengths
  • Education must be egalitarian
  • It must be child-centred and relevant
  • Emphasis must be on skills
  • Experience, experiment and understanding are more important
  • Creativity and feelings are more important than facts
  • Right and wrong depend on one’s point of view
  • It is the process that matters
  • Criteria provide a framework for subjective assessment or tasks based on skills
  • Co-operation must take precedence
  • Entitlement for all replaces choice and differentiation; equal opportunities can be used to construct equality of result

Trusted by over 1000+ students across the UK

We firmly believe that external coaching and tuition can positively impact upon each student’s future which is why our tuition services take such a targeted approach towards students needs. Our tutors don’t just teach, we mentor students enabling each to maximise their potential.