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Student Testimonials

Posted on: April 14th, 2013 by bpedle No Comments
“I currently attend the Tuition Centre in Sparkhill to improve my understanding of Science. Before I attended the Centre, I had not achieved the grades I wanted. After receiving good support from the science teacher, I am now predicted a high grade which has boosted my confidence in all my subjects. I thank the Tuition Centre and Science Tutor for all the help.”
Muteeb S… Age 16
“I started attending the Sparkhill tuition centre in the middle of 2008. I was quite behind in my core subjects: English, Maths & Science. As soon as I started at the Centre, I began to understand my school work in a different way. I was a grade C student and now averaging higher B. I believe that I will achieve a good result in my GCSE exams as I feel more confident in my work.”
Samaira A.. Age 15
“Before joining English Maths Science Tuition Centre, I was struggling at school. I found lessons very difficult to follow and my grades were quiet poor. I found the methods taught at the English Maths Science Centre totally different to those used at school, the methods were simple, effective and easy to implement. After attending lessons for six months my grades dramatically improved, now I’m expected to achieve high grades. I would and will recommend English Maths Science Tuition Centre to everyone.”
Henna G …. Age 16
“I have been attending the English Maths Science tuition Centre for almost two years. During this time my grades at school have improved immensely and I am now the top student in my class. My parents were extremely delighted to discover that I had been offered a place at Ninestiles School. The methods taught at the English Maths Science Tuition Centre make learning so easy and enjoyable. My parents are so impressed with my progress that my younger brother and sister have now been enrolled at the Centre.”
M Aqib …. Age 10
“My family and parents were delighted to discover I had passed my Ninestiles examination. Since starting at English Maths Science Centre, I have climbed to the top of Year 6. School work and class work is now really easy and now I look forward to all my classes.”
Mohammed H ……Age 10