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Exam Booking & Fees

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Examination Fees

Special Offer
New Specification GCSE Maths – Three papers     November 2017 Examinations
AQA Maths 8300F or 8300H   –   Edexcel Maths 1MA1F or 1MA1H       £200
Exam booking must be completed by 30th September 2017 
Legacy A Level Specification
GCE (A Level) Examination are £75 per unit.
eg. AS Maths with 3 units will be £225   –   A level Mathematics with 6 units will be £450.

GCE (A Level) Coursework £75 per unit + £50 processing fee per coursework unit.
GCE (A Level)
AQA Spanish Oral Assessment SPAN2T £75 or SPAN4T £75.
New Specification
GCSE  Examination are £99 per unit.
eg. GCSE Maths Exam with three papers two calculator and one non calculator will be £297.

New Specification
GCE (A Level) Examination are £99 per unit.
eg. AS Biology with 2 units will be £198   –   A level Biology with 3 units will be £297.

GCE (A Level) Coursework £99 per unit + £50 processing fee per coursework unit.
Edexcel/Pearsons International GCSE  (IGCSE)
IGCSE examination with one paper  £125
IGCSE examinations with two papers £200  (£125 + £75)
IGCSE examinations with three papers £265  (£125 + £75 + £65)
IGCSE coursework or oral assessment  £50 per unit.
Edexcel Functional Skills On Screen Examinations.
Functional Skills Level 1 or Level 2 Mathematics  £99.
One exam (1½ hours)  £99.

Functional Skills Level 1 or Level 2 English  £190.
One reading and one writing exam – 60 minutes each  £160  (2 x £80).
One speaking test – 20 minutes £30
Speaking test will be conducted after both the reading and writing tests have been passed.

Booking GCSE and A Level Examinations

Before completing our Examination Application Form, please ensure that you have the correct unit codes for the examinations you wish to take. If the examination requires the passing of a number of units before an overall grade be awarded and you have passed the required units, you may wish to ‘cash in’ these for an AS or full A Level grade. If you wish to ‘cash in’ unit marks for an overall A Level grade then you must give the ‘cash in’ code on the application form. Failure to do so will result in unit grades being issued by the examination board and not an overall AS or A Level grade.

The UCI number is only important if you have previously taken components of an GCSE or A Level and wish to ‘cash’ these in with passes from additional units you wish to take. If this is the case you must use the same UCI code which appears on your previous units Statement of Results. If you are taking the whole A Level at our centre (theory and practical papers) leave the UCI blank on the form and we will create a new one for you.

Please ensure that you attach a recent passport sized photograph at the top of the form and a photocopy of your passport or driving Licence – the page on which your photograph appears. The completed form should be sent to our address by recorded delivery. Payment can be made by cheque or PayPal or cash if you visit our centre.


Private candidates taking examinations that require submission of coursework are responsible for having their tutor or distance learning college administrator complete all necessary forms regarding verification before submitting the coursework to us for processing.

What happens once you have booked your examination?

Once we have received your completed application form we will send you an acknowledgement either by text or email. After you have been entered with the examination board you will receive – by email – a Statement of Entry. We ask all candidates to check the details and to acknowledge that the information is correct. This Statement of Entry will give details of examination times and dates.

After the examination

Several weeks after the examination, the results will be sent to the centre. We will then email the results to you on the published results date. Should a candidate be unhappy with a particular grade or mark they are advised to contact our Examinations Officer who will explain the various procedures available.

Examination certificates are sent out from our centre – or can be collected.  It can take upto 3 to 4 months for these to become available once the results have been published.

If you have any queries please ring us on: 0121 771 1298 or email us:

Good luck in your examinations!