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Children’s Courses

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Courses for Children

English Maths Science Tuition and Examination Centre offer a full range of classes suitable for children of all ages. Each class is specifically designed to support the student in his/her education at school. Class groups are small which means each student can receive individual attention and assistance.

We believe that every student should be challenged to reach his/her potential. It is a policy of the EMSTEC Centres to teach according to ability, rather than age. This means we have 10 year old students who are being taught algebra and 14 year old students writing GCSE level essays..

We have developed a structural approach to English. Each student is taught six sentence constructions. Once these have been mastered, the student is then taught the three paragraph constructions. The student then learns the full range of essay plans for: discursive essays, persuasive essays, presenting an argue, story planning and report writing.Older students are taught the four part poetry analysis, which offers a simple method to understand poetry. Plays and novels are also explained in a clear and precise way. Everything is designed to empower the student and to help him/her gain the maximum grade in SATs and GCSEs.

Homework is always set and based upon what has been taught in the lesson. Parents can call in at the Centre at anytime for assistance with school matters or for a progress report of their child.

Guide to Key Stages Childrens Education

Children's expected grades for our students

*The shaded columns in the table above are the levels we support and encourage all our students to achieve.